Design institute PrJSC Hiprotsyvilprombud offers many years of experience in the field of architecture and construction: complex design of all stages of the project, separate sections of projects, author supervision during the building, adaptation of foreign projects under the Ukrainian law.

Our mission is Protection of customer interests in design and construction based on professionalism as well s respect to the law and environment.

Main activities:
  • Advice and opinions of experts in various areas of design and construction
  • Create complex design estimates for construction of civil
    and industrial projects, all stages of design
  • All types of engineering and survey work
  • Serving as a general designer
  • Adapting the design decisions of foreign companies
  • Supervision of construction
Objects that can be designed:
  • Residential buildings, cottage villages, building neighborhoods
  • Office centers of any class
  • Logistics and warehousing facilities of any class
  • Hotels with entertainment infrastructure (3*, 4*, 5*)
  • Shopping and Leisure Centres
  • Industrial plants, special structures
Useful for clients:
  • Highly qualified specialists: architects, designers, engineers with relevant certificates
  • Items designed with optimal technical and economic parameters, which allows investors to recover their investment in expected volume ant terms
  • Extensive experience of general designer functions involving the most qualified organizations
  • Operational decisions in short time
  • Quality system standards ISO 9001:2008

  • The winner of the competition for the best residential building and the introduction of advanced design decisions on the subject: Residential complex on ave. 40 - Anniversary of October in Kiev
  • Public Prize in Architecture, the architecture of the buildings of the Appeal Court in Kyiv
  • Winner of the Best Building in the category Industrial Enterprise for the object: Betonmash plant, manufacturing of dry mixes
  • Public Prize in Architecture, Family Leisure Centre Wonderful World in Kiev
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