About us

History of the company begins in 1943 with the design institutes Giproindusstroy and Hiprograzhdanstroy, which on Oct. 1, 1949 have been merged into the State Republican Institute to survey and design of housing and civil engineering and construction industry enterprises of USSR State Construction Committee - Giprograzhdanpromstroy.

Under this name the institute was known until 1994, when the changed ownership and became a joint stock company Hiprotsyvilprombud.

The first works in civil engineering (1944) were the reconstruction projects of destroyed by war Polytechnic Institute and State Shevchenko University. In the industrial design (1945) - projects to build factories for the production of blocks and mineral wool in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkov.
In the first 50 years on projects of the institute built the first enterprise of building industry: factories blocks and mineral wool, polygons, and plants for the production of precast concrete - a total of over 300 sites in many cities of Ukraine and Russia.
Hiprotsyvilprombud is one of the organizers of panel house building in Ukraine. In the 80s the institute has developed and introduced a fundamentally new, progressive system of prefabricated houses APPS series K 134. They were built in Kiev, Chernigov, Krivoy Rog, Zhytomyr, Donetsk.
Civil engineering is represented by such large objects as more than 70 buildings for the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Russia, the government building and the Palace Oktombrie in Chisinau (Moldova), regional administrations in many cities of Ukraine, hotel complex Bratislava and Druzhba in Kiev. In general, a half-century of its existence, the Institute specialists have performed more than 10 thousand projects, of civil and public purposes.
New chapter in the history of the institute was the reconstruction of the National Palace Ukraine. All specialists of the Institute were involved in this important for the state object. In result, it was reconstructed in record time, using the latest technology and materials.

Hiprotsyvilprombud office
in Kyiv
Up to date, the design institute PrJSC Hiprotsyvilprombud owns one of the leading positions in the market of engineering services in Ukraine, continues to work successfully in the industry of designing civil and industrial buildings. The institute employs 120 designers of all disciplines working on the latest computer and copying equipment, using in the advanced technology and global quality standards ISO. Institute collaborates with many relevant organizations of Ukraine subcontracted to best meet customer needs in a complex planning documentation.