Design institute Hiprotsyvilprombud offers its following experience:

1. Organizational and pre-design works at the stage of a plot of land allotment for construction.

2. All kinds of engineering research works.

3. Architectural projects design.

4. Building projects design and construction.

5. Production, administrative and social edifices of industrial enterprises:

  • Engineering facilities.
  • Buildings and edifices for agriculture.
  • Buildings and edifices reconstruction.
  • Power engineering constructions.
  • Other buildings and edifices.

6. Design of engineering networks and engineering supply systems for buildings and edifices:

  • Internal water pipelines and sewer systems.
  • Water supply. External systems and facilities.
  • Sewerage. External systems and facilities.
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning.
  • Refrigerating systems.
  • Heating systems.
  • Electric energy supply.
  • Electrical equipment and electric illumination.
  • Automation, monitoring instrument and measuring devices.
  • Networks and systems of communication, alarm and TV.

7. Examination of fulfilled construction works.

8. Special components of projects:

  • Corrosion inhibition.
  • Automatic fire-fighting.

9. Design engineering (on sectors of industry and specific elements of economic complex).

10. Co-ordination of design solutions with authorities and services.

11. Engineering works in building:

  • Acting as general designer and contractor.
  • Examination of buildings, edifices and networks.

12. Expert examination and adaptation of a foreign design solutions for compliance with the applicable regulatory acts of Ukraine with obtaining corresponding permissions.